Time Jump Forward – Green Thumb

One of the items on my “must have” list for the house was “low maintenance outdoor space.”  A big ol’ lawn just wasn’t appealing, and a garden wasn’t something I saw having any interest in really.  So I managed to find a place with a minimal front yard – which, incidentally it turns out my neighbour mows – and no lawn in the back; it’s all deck.  Amazing.

Except now I’m having lots of fun planting things.  I have baskets and pots all over the deck, and it’s all feeling very lush.  I’ve even (with help) planted (gifted) hostas in the front, too, along with some wee flowers.  I’m actually really happy that this week I’ve been finding so much joy in my outdoor space.  Every morning, watering things, playing in the dirt, and puttering with the flowers.  We’ll see how this goes this year, and then next year I’ll try to expand beyond the herbs and blueberries and grow more food in planters in the back.

Front and back are weeded at last, plants are watered and happy

A photo posted by Jessica (@613jess) on May 28, 2016 at 8:32am PDT