More Time Jump.

Well.  After starting up with a solid plan and the best of intentions, this blog kind of fell by the wayside.  Over the last few days I’d been thinking about it, though, and am here to resurrect it.

Since I last blogged – just after I got the keys – it’s been eight months.  I’ve been through first visits, first winter, and first forays into contracting work.

I’ve also changed jobs, dealt with some family emergencies, and just generally tried to get through life.  But re-reading my blog posts as I was starting this was a lot of fun, so I’m back – some of the posts that I had lots of thoughts about while they were fresh are probably going to end up a bit lighter, now, but then I can get into some meatier bits on fun subjects like buying furniture and figuring out what to do when parts of your fence randomly fall down.

More on those things later.

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