Live Band Shoot – The Lost Wits at Grace O’Malley’s

Some time ago I blogged about mental health and the importance of keeping your mind stimulated as a form of mental wellness on top of – well, let’s face it, a more “traditional” notion of mental health as “stability” or “ability to cope” or whatever.  With that in mind, I started investigating some courses and the possibility of challenging myself through something academic – and I did, for a time, work on a Coursera course.  I’m hoping to get more into that – Coursera, that is – but truthfully I let that fall by the wayside this autumn as I also decided to dive into something enriching just for the fun of it.  I signed up for a photography course.

I loved taking photography in high school – I picked up a photography course way back then to compliment an otherwise relatively heavy course load, and wound up spending way more time in the dark room than I did on my physics homework.  Continuing to study had been something I’d wanted to do for years – and for years I’d taught myself things through practice, through books, and online – but being back in a formal classroom setting is a treat.

Tonight I decided to challenge myself with something that is very tricky – shooting a live band performance.  The big challenge is the lighting, and having zero control over it – so trying to compensate for that on camera as best as possible.  Tonight, the venue was really heavy on the red lights, which are basically the worst for trying to take photos and get any reasonable sense of colour and tone – and actually make it difficult even in converting to black & white after the fact.  That said, I’m pleased with how some of the shots turned out — it was a chance to try some things I’d learned – adjusting certain things on the fly that I didn’t used to think about, in particular the white balance – and plus the band was great and I got to hang out with an awesome friend.

So, while I plan on going through the photos in a more in-depth fashion tomorrow, for the time being here’s one of tonight’s shots, which I’ve changed to black & white in iPhoto.

The Lost Wits @ Gracie's East

Hopefully tomorrow I can update some more about what I learned in this shoot and what I learn through the post-process… process.

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